Mr. Testolin has:

 -Represented physician groups and organizations in FTC and Attorney General  investigations.

 -Formed and guided over 40 independent practice associations (IPAs).

 -Represented providers with respect to the formation, acquisition, licensing, and sale of prepaid limited health services organizations (PLHSOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and indemnity insurance companies.

 -Advised hospitals, hospital systems, physician groups, dental groups and other organizations in the establishment and operation of Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and medical management service organizations (MSOs), and with regard to the associated legal and regulatory issues.

 -Advised physicians, dentists and investor-owned medical delivery organizations in the organization, acquisition and operation of medical practices, and associated regulatory issues.

 -Merged multiple independent physician practices, including small groups, into integrated primary care, integrated single specialty and multi-specialty medical groups.  Mr. Testolin has experience with all forms of medical professional organizations, including limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, and is an expert in handling formation, reorganization, and dissolution issues.  He is also well acquainted with handling the practical and financial issues which arise out of these consolidations.

 -Guided physicians and hospitals in the formation and operation of integrated delivery systems.  

 -Advised healthcare companies in the formation of statewide integrated delivery networks.

 -Represented hospitals and medical groups in claims against and coverage disputes with payors, including claims in bankruptcy proceedings against HMOs.

             Mr. Testolin is well acquainted with general organizational and contractual issues which arise out of participation in managed care contracts and programs, and has reviewed and advised upon hundreds of network and payor service contracts.  Mr. Testolin has worked with Nevada’s Division of Insurance in licensing matters, and in the Division’s supervision and regulation of DSIs and other health care organizations.